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Come Sail Away - Marina Del Rey | Venice | Santa Monica | Malibu | Catalina

Is sailing COVID-19 safe?

Although nothing can be guaranteed safe in these trying times, the Medical Community and World Health Organization (WHO) recommend spending time outside in the fresh air, while practicing good Social Distancing. Serenity's big open foredeck allows plenty of space for you and your guests to "be together" without being "too together."

Serenity is cleaned before each charter using LA County recommended safe practices. Although you are welcome to stash your stuff in the cabin and/or enter the cabin to use the head (toilet) and/or refill drinks and food, etc, we do ask that you limit your time spent inside the cabin. Entering the staterooms (bedrooms) are not allowed at this time.

Be sure all passengers bring a mask (unless exempted by current LA County / Federal regulations.) Please note that we follow all local and federal CDC regulations currently in effect at the time of your charter.

Where do I board the boat?

  • You will board the boat at Dock 55 in Marina del Rey, CA (aka the Charter Dock) - next to Fisherman's Village.
  • Fisherman's Village is located at 13755 Fiji Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
  • Dock 55 is provided by Los Angeles County specifically for licensed charter boats to pick up and drop off passengers. Your departure time has been reserved with the County so please arrive on time (or even better … a bit early!) The Charter Dock is an Active Loading Area, we are not allowed to wait at dock.
  • We have a maximum of 15 minutes after your scheduled pickup time to load you and your guests. At 16 minutes after your scheduled pickup time, we are no longer allowed by the county to be at dock. Your charter will not be refunded if you or your guests miss the departure deadline. ie If you are scheduled for a 1pm pickup, and are running a few minutes late due to traffic, we can accommodate until about 1:10-ish - including time for you to park and load you and your guests onboard the boat. The crew needs a few minutes to release lines, etc before we can leave the dock.
  • Per county regulations, we will not be allowed to dock until all guests have arrived. Once all guests have arrived, please text “All Here” to the phone number received in your emailed info.
  • To help keep congestion down in the main channel, you will receive a text about 30 minutes before your scheduled pickup time. The text will ask "How close to Fisherman's Village is your group?" Your answer helps us determine our travel time needed from our home slip to the charter dock.
  • The Charter Dock / Dock 55 is at Fisherman's Village ... but not where the larger (HornBlower, etc) boats are docked. Stand looking at the water, parking lot to your back. Look to your right ... past the shops & restaurants. There is a lone gate, all by itself. This is the Charter Dock / Dock 55.
Where can I park?

There are two options for parking.

  • Paid parking at Fisherman's Village. Fisherman's Village parking is right in front of the charter dock. There is a 2 hour parking validation available with purchase from one of the many shops and food vendors located at Fisherman's Village. We cannot validate parking. When you enter the parking lot, park in the far right corner (El Torito side, not Whiskey Red side.) This is the closest to Dock 55. Be sure to pay at the free-standing pay machines and put the receipt on your dashboard.
  • Free parking at Dock 52. This is a Los Angeles County run parking lot located about a 10-15 minute walk from Fishermans Village (on the same road - Fiji Way.) Dock 52 parking is located at 13552 Fiji Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
  • If your charter is scheduled for a weekend or holiday, you should allow plenty of time. You may need additional time to locate a space and/or walk from Dock 52 parking.
Uber / Lyft/ Taxi?

Your drop off location is : 13755 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Videos / Photos while loading

Please be aware that county regulations prohibit photos and/or videos while loading guests onboard. Once we have left the dock, you are welcome to take any photos / videos you wish. And be sure to tag us!
Facebook : @MDRCatamaranSailing
Instagram : www.instagram.com/mdr_catamaran_sailing

How many guests can I bring on the boat?

Our private charters are limited to a maximum of 6 passengers.

What About food and drinks?
  • We do not serve food or drinks, nor do we provide drinking water or ice.
  • We do have a no-ice-required GoSun electric cooler onboard for your use. You are welcome to BYO drinks (and ice to put in drinks if desired), snacks and
  • Be sure to remember plates, cups, dinnerware, napkins, paper towels, etc
  • You cannot cook food on board so all food should be prepared in advance. (Grill / cooking is available only for overnight charters.)
  • Adult beverages ok for those of legal age, but you will be expected to act responsibly. At Captain’s request, no further adult beverages may be consumed.
What should I wear? What else should I bring?
  • It gets cool on the water, so bring warm layers (jacket, sweater, blanket, etc)
  • Please wear non-marking sole shoes, preferably sneakers. No high heels. No dress sandals or flip-flops - hiking type sandals ok
  • Be sure to bring sunscreen, hat … and your camera!
  • Yes, we have a head (toilet) available for your use.
  • Similar to a car, a boat runs on batteries. The electrical outlets / plugs do not work while we are out on the water. Bring your portable cell phone chargers, extra batteries for your camera, etc.
  • We have a waterproof DEMERBOX speaker on the front deck. This speaker will bluetooth directly to your phone to play your music.
  • No smoking/vaping inside cabin.
  • Please note that while on the boat, we are no longer under CA laws. We are under Federal Laws (with Coast Guard enforcement) regarding any use of marijuana or similar items. (Leave these items at home or in your car.)
  • Swimming and other in-water activities are allowed only while boat is at anchor, at captain's discretion and are completely at your own risk. The Southern CA coastline around Marina del Rey has no safe anchoring areas, so swimming and other in-water activities are not permitted on hourly charters.
  • Please bring no items that may harm the sea life. That means No Balloons, No Confetti, No Gender-Reveal items that may land in the water, etc.
  • Please note that per US Coast Guard rules, all guests 12 years of age and under must wear the provided life jacket at all times they are on board Serenity.
  • We encourage you to enjoy your time on the boat … but please remember that the Charter Dock / Dock 55 is an active loading area. Similar to airline travel, a crew member will give you a reminder about 15 minutes before your scheduled drop-off time. Please use this time to collect your belongings and be ready to disembark immediately upon our return to the charter dock.
  • Your charter cost includes Captain fee, fuel, 6% wharfage fee, etc. Gratuities for your Captain have not been included.
What if there is bad weather?

If heavy rain, high winds or US Coast Guard Small Craft Advisories are in effect, you will be notified via phone or text on the day of your reservation. Charters will be canceled at Captain’s discretion and will be rescheduled. If unable to agree upon rescheduled date / time, 100% of your monies paid will be refunded to the credit card used in your original booking.

What if I need to cancel?

All sales (and advance reservations) are final. Captain Fee ($50/hour) and County Dock Fee (6% of your charter cost - or $50, whichever is higher) are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

For cancellations requested 7 days or more prior to your departure time, we will credit your monies paid (less nonrefundable / nontransferable County Dock Fee) toward a mutually agreed upon rescheduled date / time. If unable to agree upon rescheduled date / time, 75% of your monies paid (less nonrefundable / nontransferable County Dock Fee) will be refunded to the credit card used in your original booking.

For cancellations requested less than 7 days but prior to 72 hours before your departure time, we will credit your monies paid (less nonrefundable / nontransferable Captain Fee and County Dock Fee) toward a mutually agreed upon rescheduled date / time. If unable to agree upon rescheduled date / time, 50% of your monies paid (less nonrefundable / nontransferable Captain Fee and County Dock Fee) will be refunded to the credit card used in your original booking.

No refund will be available for cancellations requested less than 72 hours prior to your departure time. We will credit your monies paid (less nonrefundable / nontransferable Captain Fee and County Dock Fee) toward a mutually agreed upon rescheduled date / time.

For cancellations, please contact us by email or phone/text on the cell phone number listed in the information email received at time of your original reservation.

Weather-related conditions may result in a cancellation and reschedule at no charge to you. Please see above.

What if I get seasick?

Your Captain is happy to personalize your day on the water. Cruising inside the marina will be very smooth conditions. Coast-line tours could get choppy, so take your Dramamine in advance if you know you are prone to motion sickness.

What can I expect on my private charter?

Get your camera ready! Marina del Rey is home to Dolphins, Sea Lions, Sea Turtles and various fish, birds and other wildlife … with the occasional Gray Whale sighting during the seasonal migration.
And tag us!! Facebook : @MDRCatamaranSailing
Instagram : www.instagram.com/mdr_catamaran_sailing

You will have plenty of opportunity to take the wheel and captain her a bit (at Captain’s discretion) … pull a sheet or 2 to adjust her sails (at Captain’s discretion) … lounge on the hammock at the back, enjoy the 2 bow rider seats up front, find a comfy spot on deck or hang out in the cockpit with your Captain. They probably have some tall tales to tell!!! (Although, during this time of COVID-19, we ask that you limit your time spent inside the cabin and in the cockpit with your Captain.)

Catamaran sailing is relaxing. Sailed fairly level with virtually no heeling over makes it easy to move about with plenty of seating on deck or in the cockpit. But she’s plenty fast! Cruising catamarans are typically 25-30% faster than a cruising monohull of the same length ... with all the comfort and stability of a catamaran. (But, she is still a sailboat! Catalina is about 7 hours one way. Paradise Cove in Malibu is about 4 hours.)

Enjoy Your Day On The Water!

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Come Sail Away - Marina Del Rey | Venice | Santa Monica | Malibu | Catalina

Note : County Regulations require 24 to 48 hour advance notice for the Charter Dock, so we are unable to accommodate same day requests. Please plan accordingly.
We use Fare Harbor to book your sail using their safe and secure payment handling system. The Fare Harbor site will open in a new window.
Half day (4 hours) - $899 / Full day (8 hours) - $1699
Limited to 6 guests per sail
Per County Regulations, a 6% Wharfage Fee is added to each booking.
Captain Fee included / Price does not include gratuity.

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